Letter from the President's Desk 12.12.2020

Dear Fellow Members,

In my last letter I reached out to you all appealing to all members to avoid elections. Further to that it appears that we have received two letters from two ex- Presidents Capt Arnab Sen and Mr. Arabinda Bose who are trying to spearhead an unnecessary election and inconveniencing the members at a time like this. They have both resorted to needless mudslinging which is very much against the spirit of our wonderful institution. For all those who know me, as a true sportsman and a senior member rest assured that I will never resort to this mudslinging amongst friends who we meet every day and lower my dignity amongst you all.


I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the points mentioned by them to avoid any further misconception.

1. I reiterate my stance that the current Committee including the existing balloting committee is allowed to continue for the next 6 months with the selection of a new VP and a Treasurer due to the vacancy caused by the sad demise of Mr. Bitty Alexander and Mr. Sanjib Barbora. No new list of a GC was ever circulated by me at any time.

2. Capt Sen started calling up members in the month of October to join his committee. So election planning was already started by him in spite of my appeal to allow my committee to continue for 6 months. Yet in his letter he frivolously blames me.

3. With regards to the case of Mr. Karan Grewal please note that the case in question was inherited by the current Committee. Mr. Karan Grewal had filed a case against the club and subsequently more cases. The Club being an institution has no alternate but to defend itself in court till the court decides or till an out of court settlement can be achieved. After the lower court rejected his appeal he went to the District court and subsequently to the High Court and continued to appeal. This is the reason of high legal expenses incurred. With better sense prevailing I'm sure a settlement of all cases could be reached however this should not be a reason for unnecessary elections.


I am thankful to my Committee and the Secretary who supported me and their work and achievements have been appreciated by all the members. During the Pandemic from the Lockdown in March, till now and during Cyclone Amphan my Committee ensured that the Club was always maintained, especially our lovely ground and ensured that all the Staff were paid salaries on time. All staff was regularly tested for Covid thanks to the efforts of Mr. Sanjay Thade and Mr. Binod Kumar (Comm KMC) who arranged the testing for the safety of all our members visiting the club.