Dear Member,


At the outset WISH YOU THE VERY BEST FOR 2021. During the AGM and e voting process it was observed that many of the members’ essential details were not in the records or were recorded incorrectly. This year the Club wishes to address the issue and ensure better and smoother services can be provided. The Club endeavours to use existing technology to optimise our communication with the members. Needless to say that it would also reduce paper work and thus reduce the carbon footprint ( a welcoming step).


Towards this endeavour, the Club is sending you a data sheet (pl see attachment). It is requested that the same could be filled up by the members. The data after verification will be entered in the members’ records database and will be used for all future communication and transaction. We have a fairly large number of members whose essential details are not in our records and hence this exercise is being undertaken.


The completed sheet can be sent to with copy to . It can be sent as a scanned copy too (should someone wish to take a print out and fill it by hand). It can also be given to the Office as a hard copy.


Members cooperation is solicited to improve our services to them


(the same circular is being sent as a hardcopy too along with the printed monthly bill)